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   Leadvane Industrial Co., Ltd. ■
Angle Bend-Over Impact Wrench
"Double Air Intake and Exhaust" design improve rotor efficient to high peak.
Twin Hammer Mechanism up to.

120 degree Bend-Over hammer head! and with 360 degree swivel handle. Can reach to the target bolt even in confined, restrained space.
Square Drive: 1/2". Bolt Capacity: 1/2" ( 13mm)
Max. Torque: 369 ft.lbs(500Nm)
Working Torque: 332 ft.lbs (450 Nm)
Head length: 85mm. Free Speed: 8,000 rpm
Two Chamber type Twin Hammer 1/2" Impact Wrench
Perfect patented Two Chamber high performance motor system, Though increased air flow and innovative design delivers high Torque. Efficiency increase 20-25% more.

Easy to operate by one hand switching for 2 speeds forward, 1 speed Reverse. Shorten length 150mm for narrow space.

Square Drive: 1/2". Bolt Capacity: 5/8" (16mm).
Free Speed: 8,300 rpm .
Max Torque: 1,000 ft-lb (1,356 Nm)
Overall Length: 150mm
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