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Organizer Precision Tools Co., Ltd.
   Organizer Precision Tools Co., Ltd.
Aluminum Twist-Lock Socket Rail
AL27355Q210 / AL27355Q310 / AL27355Q410
.Low profile rail design.
.Easy lock sockets & organized.
.Supports wall-mounted holes and Strong magnet base.
.Different types of sockets can be managed by color classification socket rail.
Quick release socket tray
ATR473 / ATR371
.Easy to organize and carry when in use.
.Store neatly in your workshop and toolchest
.Detachable design, customize all kinds of sockets for your perfect socket set up.
.Manage different types of sockets by color classification.
Adjustable Plier Tray
PLR319300H1JB0R313 ; PLR319510H1JB0R325
.Plier and cutter organizer with black adjustable dividers
.Holds up to 12˜25 pliers, cutters and other tools
.Color: Black tray with orange, green or red dividers
Magnetic Can/Bottle Holder
.Strong magnet can organizer tray onto most metal surfaces including tool box
.Thin foam protection on magnets prevents surfaces from scratching
.Adjustable Height for different height sizes of cans to fit
.Available quantity of can holders: 2, 3, 4, 5
.Color: Red
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