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King Drill Precision Tools Co., Ltd. ■
   King Drill Precision Tools Co., Ltd. ■
4/5 Flute Drill Bit Fantastic Speed Drill Bit
.4/5-Cutting edge give you incredible working enjoyment.
.4/5-Cutting spur for smoother clean holes.
.4/5-Flute design for faster chip ejection.
.Optimized brazing and hardening process for top resistance in reinforced concrete.
.Optimized flute design to reduce stress and make the bit run cooler.
Spade Bit / Bi-metal / Auger Bit
Spade Bit
Expert quality, manufactured from high carbon steel hardened and tempered. The screw point makes the speed extremely fast.

Auger Bit
.SINGLE SPUR : Cuts the outline of the hole and helps the bit stay straight.
.SCREW POINT : Provides hole location and allows self-feeding into the wood.
.CUTTING LIP : Unique cutting lip acts as a horizontal cutter and assists in chips out of the flutes in the wood hole.
.SPIRAL FLUTE : Assists in ejecting the wood chips away from the cutter.
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