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Comlock Enterprise Co., Ltd.
   Comlock Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Spark Plug Socket Set W/ 3/8" Quick Release Swivel Extension Bar
.Made of durable heat-treated CR-V steel.
.Including three 3/8" drive spark plug sockets: 5/8", 3/4" and 13/16".
.The unique 5 inch long, 3/8" drive swivel extension bar with socket locking and quick release function.
.New push-to-lock system fits on any 3/8" drive socket.
.Swivel extension bar with socket locking system allow mechanic to use in hard-to-reach areas on many of foreign and domestic vehicles without the risk of socket loose.
.Easy and quick release: Grab the bar, pull the adaptor to disconnect the socket.
Hood Prop
.New telescopic tip makes the tool more stable while using.
.For all kinds of cars and trucks.
.The stepless, extendable design allows the mechanic to hold the hood in any preferred position.
.Also good for repairing on hatchbacks, doors or trunk lids.
.This hood prop can be extended from 18-1/2" to 46-1/2".
.Adjustable length
12PC Quick Change Snap Ring Pliers Set
Heat-treated CR-MO steel pliers to handle internal and external snap rings.

Ergonomic design handle provides stable grip and better user experience.

Special design wing knob allows pliers quickly change between internal and external use.

Three different tip angles: Straight, 45° and 90°.
Four different tip sizes: .038", .047", .070" and .090".
Stud & Hub Cleaning Tools
CL-368G / CL-368
Faster and easier to clean wheel studs and wheel hub.

Quick change brushes and grinding pads.

Only need ONE tool to fit different sizes of brush and grinding pad.

Can be operated by cordless drill and impact wrench.

Multiple sizes of brush and grinding pad can be chosen.

Two different length tools fit every needs.
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